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KATR Software is a small group of people working on BIG ideas. We specialize in mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet platforms. We have a number of apps in the iTunes store, the Android market, and even in the Amazon app store.

New releases for April 2011

Tabata Timer 2.3 for iPhone and iPad is now available in the iTunes store!
This is the original Tabata Timer, first published for the iPhone in 2009. It has earned and maintained 4+ stars in both the iTunes store and Android market since it's birth! Don't settle for less, make sure you get the original Tabata Timer.
  • All events feature customizable sounds
  • Increased duration of activity and rest cycles
  • Increased number of tabata intervals
  • Convenient tell a friend features
Click here to learn more about the Tabata Timer

Don't wait, get your iPhone or Android Tabata Timer today!

Check out our other great products!

iVent for the iPhone and iPad is now available in the iTunes store!
  • iVent is a great way to harmlessly vent your frustrations or just have a little fun
  • Use pictures from your own photo gallery or use the devices camera to snap new ones
  • Obliterate your picture with a combination of fireballs, paintballs, arrows, among others
  • When you are done, just shake to start over
  • Too tired to vent, use the melee option to have your device vent for you while you sit back and watch
Click here to learn more about iVent

Don't wait, get iVent for your iPhone today!

At last, the way to play multi-player trivia games on your own device comes to you with Trivit.
  • Choose from a variety of categories including sports, entertainment, and general knowledge
  • Play on your droid phone, droid tablet, iphone, or even iPad
  • Play against your friends or just search for a public lobby created by others
  • You can play with someone sitting at your table, across the street, across the country, or across the world
  • A unique invite a friend feature that binds the special features of the droid and iphone for seamless invitations
Click here to learn more about Trivit

Don't wait, get Trivit for your Android or iPhone today!

April 11th, 2011
Tabata Timer 2.3 for iPhone / iPad has been approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes store. Get your Tabata Timer today!

April 10th, 2011
Welcome to the new KATR.com website. At KATR things are always changing and at the moment, we decided that our website needed a *lot* of changing. Be sure to check out our mobile applications.
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