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This page contains numerous links to references of various sorts. The majority of these references are development related, but you may find some other references as well.

Language and Syntax References
W3C Standards Documentation   HTML Designers Card (PDF)   HTML 4.0 Characters (HTML)
HTML 4.0 Syntax Reference (HTML)   HTML Color Chart (HTML)   Cascading Style Sheets (PDF)
Another CSS Reference (HTML)   CSS Reference (HTML)   PHP 4 Reference (PDF)
PHP Manual Quick Reference (HTML)   XML DOM (HTML)   XML 1.1 Specification (HTML)
XML Reference (PDF)   WML Quick Reference (HTML)   JSP Syntax Reference (PDF)
Linux system call reference (PDF)   ANSI C Reference (PDF)   C++ STL Reference (PDF)
C/C++ Reference (HTML)   Perl 5 Reference (HTML)   Collection of Perl docs (HTML)
Java 2 API (HTML)   Java Language Reference (PDF)   Java Programming Guide (PDF)
Javascript Reference (HTML)   VBScript Reference (HTML)   MS ADO Reference (HTML)
ASP Quick Reference (HTML)   Windows Scripting Host (HTML)   MS MFC Reference (PDF)
UML Reference (PDF)   Delphi Quick Reference (PDF)  
Apache Reference (PDF)   CVS Reference 2 (PDF)   CVS Reference 1 (PDF)
VI Reference (PDF)   Another VI Reference (PDF)   Yet another VI Reference (PDF)
xEmacs Reference (PDF)   Bash reference (PDF)   Linux admin quick reference
Small linux reference (PDF)   Linux security reference (PDF)   Unix command reference (PDF)
The Linux Documentation Project (HTML)   Mysql Reference (PDF)  
Dictionaries and Glossaries
Merriam-Webster (HTML)   Many dictionaries and tools (HTML)   Online Christian Bibles (HTML)
Online Acronym Reference (HTML)   Acronym lookup (HTML)   The coolest World Atlas (HTML)
Verizon area code lookup(HTML)   AT&T area code lookup(HTML)   Another area code lookup(HTML)
U.S. Zipcode lookup(HTML)   Foreign Exchange Rates(HTML)   More exchange rates(HTML)
Exchange Rate Calculator(HTML)    
April 11th, 2011
Tabata Timer 2.3 for iPhone / iPad has been approved by Apple and is now available in the iTunes store. Get your Tabata Timer today!

April 10th, 2011
Welcome to the new KATR.com website. At KATR things are always changing and at the moment, we decided that our website needed a *lot* of changing. Be sure to check out our mobile applications.
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